Here is a list of common questions, if any questions remain unasked, please contact us

How does training work?

There are different packages depending on the length of your stay, the amount of time you would like to train per day and your individual goals.

Do you offer training packages?

Yes, we do have training and accommodation packages depending on the duration of your stay. As there are many restaurants and clients enjoy to discover the island we do not offer all-inclusive packages with meal plans.

We do not ask for deposits on our training, however many clients prefer the ease of paying online. For the greatest selection on rooms and to ensure you get the one that suits your needs, we suggest reserving accommodations in advance.

For extended stays, please contact us in advance.

Can I just train once a day?


How does Muay Thai Training work?

Muay Thai training is versatile and can be adapted to suit any level of skill, gender or age. It is an excellent workout, way to get into shape, increase your level of conditioning, coordination and teaches useful skills.

What can I expect from Muay Thai training?

  • Running – Long distance running is recommended but not done in class. Muay Thai fighters run for aerobic conditioning, it builds endurance.
  • Warm up – Skipping, High Knees, Slides etc and then stretching to increase flexibility and reduce injury.
  • Shadow Boxing – Combinations to prepare the body and build technique
  • Sparring – Light sparring practiced, alternating partners to practice
  • Pad Work – Hitting pads with Muay Thai trainers
  • Bag Work – Practice Technique on a variety of bags
  • Clinching – Practice position of control
  • Conditioning – Bag drills, sit ups, burpees, push-ups etc….
  • Cooldown – Stretching

Can I do extended stays? If so, how does it work with visas?

As VISA regulations can change frequently, and vary depending on nationality. We suggest each student wishing to do extended training (more than 1 month) ensure they get the appropriate Visa prior to leaving their country.

Visa Extensions can be done on the mainland of Trat or Visa Runs to Cambodia, Vietnam can be organized from various locations on the island. Pauses during training program can be obtained, please contact us in advance.

What should I bring for training?

  • Two or more pairs of Muay Thai shorts or thin breathable shorts, please wash your shorts prior to each class out of respect for your fellow students
  • Personal hand wraps
  • Towel
  • Anti-bacterial wash to clean gear, shorts etc

Running shoes – not required for classes